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Lesley Moore
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 111
1021 KP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 20 6635110

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Karin van den Brandt (The Netherlands, 1975) and Alex Clay (Norway, 1974) founded Lesley Moore in 2004, after meeting as students at the leading ArtEZ academy, in Arnhem. While studying, they often worked together, and their early cooperation evolved into the eventual Lesley Moore.

From a former warehouse in North Amsterdam, Lesley Moore creates visual concepts for a wide range of clients. The limited size of the two-headed agency is deliberate: the intimate structure ensures personal contact with the client and an exclusive approach.

Analyse, translate, visualise: in the eyes of Lesley Moore, every client and each project is unique, being composed of a number of specific characteristics in both its content and context. Lesley Moore analyses these characteristics, deriving from them the basis for its concept. Each subsequent design choice is a visual translation of this underlying idea. The simpler the concept, the stronger the design.

Design website: 2013

Realisation: Fingertips / Text: Alexandra Onderwater / Music: Machinefabriek / Studio photography: Luuk Kramer

Thanks to Jolinde van Gelderen and Yee Jin Sha