Forever Young

Casa, a house. Or two houses, really - part student home, part hotel. Casa was set up in the late 50’s to provide affordable student accommodation. Today, 60 years later, it still works. Every summer the students pack their belongings and make room for hotel guests. In the autumn a new generation of students returns to Casa, full of dreams and aspirations.

When Hotel Casa contacted us, the brand had drifted away from that heritage. Seen from the outside, it was a hotel like any other. The new identity embraces the essence of what Casa was and still is today: an ever-flowing fountain of youth.


As a part of the brand strategy, we aim to reveal Casa’s young heart. Treating even the smallest items in a playful way, but also by making new visitors an active part of the ongoing Casa legacy.

Special Editions


Concept & Strategy
Lesley Moore

Lesley Moore

Art Direction
Lesley Moore

Your Majesty

Lenoir Schuring

Johan Klungel

Special thanks to Emina Sendijarevic from Studio Spomenik

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