Everything Connects to Everything

Quantum Delta NL is well-positioned to contribute to a historic opportunity in quantum by accelerating quantum technology developments in the Netherlands and establishing a collaborative ecosystem that fosters international collaborations with the world's top scientific institutions, businesses, students, and professionals.

House of Quantum


Quantum tic-tac-toe is a quantum generalization of tic-tac-toe in which the players' moves are "superpositions" of plays in the classical game. The game was invented by Allan Goff of Novatia Labs, who describes it as "a way of introducing quantum physics without mathematics", and offering "a conceptual foundation for understanding the meaning of quantum mechanics".

Quantum Meets 2023

The inaugural edition of Quantum Meets, a five-day series of quantum events happening throughout the Netherlands is taking place from June 12 - 16. This initiative aims to foster collaboration and make high-quality learning and networking more accessible to create lasting connections within the global quantum community.

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