July 2023

DutchCulture is een overheidsorganisatie die mensen helpt hun culturele ambities in het buitenland waar te maken. Ook houden ze bij wat, waar en wanneer al die activiteiten zijn.

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July 2023


July 2023

Henneman Agency

July 2023

Prix de Rome

July 2023

Karper K.
Check out dit artikel over onze nieuwe studioruimte: Kaper K.

July 2023

Marijke van Warmerdam

April 2022

Centraal Museum is curating a 5-year program in country house Oud Amelisweerd, showcasing leading Dutch contemporary artists. Amy Dicke was the first one out, Marijke van Warmerdam will follow later this year. Bart Rutte, director of the Centraal Museum, asked us to create a hybrid identity for the project. Honourable!

Made possible by Hartwig Art Foundation, Centraal Museum and Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd. Identity by Lesley Moore, signage w/ Paul Kuipers, printing w/ Zwaan Lenoir

March 2022

Proud – and with a healthy dosis of anxiety – we launched the adjusted brand identity for Wolters Kluwer in March. In close collaboration with CB) Caroline Wouters and Taco Anema we have radically simplified the brand identity.

The adjusted identity resonates with Wolters Kluwer's evolution from publisher to tech company. With a simplified expression at the core it signals what Wolters Kluwer offers; digital solutions which make the lives of their clients easier.

November 2021

Alexis Blake is the winner of this edition of Prix de Rome. Her breathtaking performance on the famous stairs of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam challenged all senses, and left a permanent mark.

Campaign, exhibition and catalogue design by Lesley Moore, exhibition design w/ Michiel Zegers, aimation w/ Duplo Studio, catalogue w/ Jap Sam Books

September 2021

DutchCulture is a governmental organisation which helps people to pursue their cultural ambitions abroad. They also keep track of what, where and when all those activities are. The publication Creative Europe 2014-2020 offers an overview.

Identity and publication for DutchCulture by Lesley Moore

July 2021

Happy and grateful to learn that Mijn Stem is Groen has been nominated for the prestigious Dutch Design Awards! Mijn Stem is Groen is the First Online Climate March for Children which was launched 2 weeks before the Dutch elections in March 2021.

With a strong idea and a mutual goal we were able to mobilize an amazing group of children and professional creatives – with motivation as currency ;). This award is for you:

Manon Beurskens, Floris Douma, Nahuel Blaton, Vera van de Seyp, Johan Klungel, Simon Akkermans, Ruben Hein, Sabrina Starke, Anouk van Esch, Guillaume Warmerdam, Jan Wicher Emmens, Robert Jung, Tijs Bonekamp, Michiel Zegers, Jeffrey Martina, and all the children who joined the march with their lovely-crazy avatars!

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June 2021

Many of our clients are cultural institutions. That they've had a challenging year is an understatement. What is art without an audience? So when the lockdown hit us, we made this poster called 'So lonely'.

But now finally things are opening up. So lovely! Show your support by visiting expo's, concerts and performances. They need us more than ever.

May 2021

As musea are opening up again there is a lot to choose from, but the Meret Oppenheim expo at Design Museum Den Bosch is truly a gem. Her oeuvre is wonderfully layered and ironic. When we design the campaigns for the Design Museum we always look for contrast and dualism in the topics. With Oppenheim it wasn’t hard to find: “A surrealist which didn’t want to be called a surrealist, a feminist which loathed ‘female art’. Go see!

March 2021

Prix de Rome 2021

Together with Mondriaan Fonds we are launching a new campaign for Prix de Rome 2021. This year's edition focusses on the biggest talents within visual arts. It's an open call, anyone can participate. A short list of 4 artists will be chosen to create work for the Prix exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam later this year.

Prix de Rome
Stedelijk Museum

March 2021

Mijn Stem is Groen — de Eerste Online Klimaatmars voor Kinderen!

Op kunnen alle kinderen van Nederland hun stem laten horen. Van hun opgenomen stem kunnen ze een stem-avatar maken die automatisch aansluit in de online mars. Zo kunnen kinderen hun stem laten horen voor een groene toekomst — hun toekomst!

Kinderen: laat je stem horen in de web app:

Volg de ontwikkelingen op Instagram:

October 2020

Victor Papanek: The Politics of Design

Coming up at Design Museum Den Bosch; a presentation of the work of the visionary designer, critic and activist Victor Papanek (1923-1998). His famous book 'Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change' (1970) represents a radical vision of design in which sustainability and social justice are more important than consumption and commerce. The expo is a must-see for everyone involved with design.

In collaboration with Vitra Design Museum, Barcelona Design Museum, Victor J. Papanek Foundation and University of Applied Arts Vienna, with a contribution from the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

September 2020

Architects Studioninedots, journalist Kirsten Hannema (De Volkskrant) and Lesley Moore cobbled together a mini-zine on the self-created theme Wander Voids; public spaces in the city that are not pre-programmed. Drop us a line if you would like to receive a copy!

July 2020

Our Gorilla Collective has been shortlisted for the European Press Prize. This Gorilla comments on liberty and the right to have a gun, following yet another mass shooting in the US.

European Press Prize

March 2020

Just a message to say that we are still up and running. We are lucky to have a profession which can be carried out in ‘the cloud’. Our thoughts go out to all of those who can not fulfil their passion at this moment. Among those, many of our cultural clients including Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Opera Forward Festival, DutchCulture, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Design Museum Den Bosch, Royal Academy of Art & Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Arno Schuitemaker and the Dutch Ballet Orchestra. It is lonely without you. Let’s give them all some extra support when they get back on stage!

March 2020

Global software company Wolters Kluwer commissioned us to help them update their brand expression. Operating in over 150 countries with 18.000+ employees, it’s safe to say that this is our biggest project to date. We will be launching a new brand portal later this year.

March 2020

Creating a 'Gorilla visual' is quick and dirty work. That’s why it’s so fun to share our methods with students who are used to exhausting processes. This March 16 students from Boston University spent a day at our studio with Herman and Alex from the Gorilla Collective. They had 5 hours to make their own Gorilla – and they did in style.

Many thanks to Cornelia and Marcel @comadutchdesignlab for organising.

February 2020

Campaign design for the upcoming exhibition BodyDrift at Design Museum Den Bosch. In this exhibition, artists and designers explore the moral and technological boundaries of the body.

January 2020

Some of our motion work will be on show as a part of the exhibition ‘De poster is dood’ at Design Museum Den Bosch. Our contribution includes commissions for Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Prix de Rome and the Design Museum. The exhibition runs from 7 March through 24 May 2020.

Image by Petrovsky & Ramone

December 2019

Upon invitation, Lesley Moore and 24 other designers were asked to design a poster for the 25th UN Climate Conference, now taking place in Madrid. The 25 posters are exhibited in the conference area, inspiring and urging the world’s leaders to take action. Hence our message: Act Now.

UN Climate Change Conference, Madrid 2-13 December

November 2019

Now on show at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: Prix de Rome for the Visual Arts 2019. The X is the symbol of the Prix identity. In this year’s edition we explored a spatial interpretation of the X, resulting in metres-high objects and digital optical illusions. Our good friend and talented architect Michiel Zegers joined us in creating the design for the introduction of the exhibition. Ex-intern Artúr Andrási helped us out with animations. X-citing!

Stedelijk Museum
Prix de Rome

September 2019

We are currently designing the identity for a new cultural hub in the centre of Beijing, which promises to be one of our most ambitious projects to date. We went for a visit last summer, and were amazed by the entrepreneurial spirit and high tech society. Combined with a very friendly atmosphere. And the food… finger licking. Exciting to be a part of that. The picture is from the construction site of the new hub which will open its doors end of 2021. More on the project as it unfolds.

September 2019

Exciting to see Dutch National Opera & Ballet’s new seasonal campaign being launched these days. Since Lesley Moore designed the new identity for the opera house back in 2014, we have done the creative direction for the campaigns. An especially nice part of that job is to look for talented image makers. This season features a series of raw images by by Florian Joahn, impeccably styled by Jean Paul Paula.

Florian Joahn on Instagram
Dutch National Opera & Ballet

August 2019

In our weekly column in De Groene Amsterdammer, Gorilla comments on the daily news. Here’s one of our latest contributions, on the fires in the rain forests of the Amazon. Oh, and Gorilla has been nominated for the Dutch Cartoon Awards 2019 (Inktspotprijs). Yeah.

You can follow Gorilla’s weekly walkabouts on Facebook and Instagram

April 2019

Where would we be without those Bauhaus purists? As the famous school celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019, we pay tribute with a limited edition silk screen poster.

Printed by Krijger Zeefdruk

April 2019

EAST is a café-restaurant within Hotel CASA. Open from early morning till late night, we were intrigued by how EAST’s mood changes throughout the day. This lead to the design of the identity, featuring a series of associative texts and patterns representing different moods.

Explore the EAST identity
EAST on Instagram

February 2019

We were fortunate to be trusted to create both the new name and identity for renowned 3D visualisation studio Proloog (formerly 3D Studio Prins). They visualise unbuilt architecture through lifelike computer renderings. A peak into a possible future, so to speak. Hence the name ‘Proloog’ which is Dutch for prologue.

February 2019

As a follow-up on the identity we designed for the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, we designed a ’sister’ identity for the Lectorate Art Theory Practice. Playing with the coordinates of the core identity’s royal crown, we created the underlying grids and a bespoke titling typeface.

December 2018

The new identity for the government funded organisation DutchCulture is designed to open up to its audience. In close collaboration with DutchCulture and the wizards from web agency BMA we created a new web platform. The website monitors dutch cultural activity worldwide, and connects dutch artists and organisations operating internationally. Our core task was designing the graphic identity, which we coined ‘the editable identity’. The logo is open source pur sang: a piece of text which can be edited to adapt to the current context.

October 2018

The exhibition is under construction, the catalogue is being printed and the trailer is in the final edit; just a few more days and the Prix de Rome 2018 expo kicks off. This year’s campaign is playing with the angled lines of the Prix identity, both kinetic and static. More on our site soon!

Prix de Rome
Expo details

August 2018

DutchCulture has chosen Lesley Moore to help them develop their identity. One of the main goals is to engage more with creatives. Teaming up with both in-house and external experts, we will launch a comprehensive online platform as a part of that strategy. New identity and site due early 2019.

Image by Catalogtree for DutchCulture

March 2018

We have been nominated for the ADCN Awards for our visual identity for the Royal Academy & Conservatoire in The Hague. Together with Lesley Moore, six other agencies have been nominated for the award for best design, creativity and craftsmanship in the Netherlands. The winner will be announced on 17 April 2018 in the Dutch Opera & Ballet.

The concept behind the identity is ‘process’, featuring a system of 2046 incomplete crowns.

Explore the project here.

March 2018

’Gorilla for President’ has been selected for Best Dutch Book Design 2018. A panel of professional judges selected 33 books from a total of 342 submissions. Criterias are editorial choices, graphic design, treatment of images and text, choice of material and technical workmanship.

’Gorilla for President’ is a selection of the best visual columns on current affairs by the Gorilla Collective (Herman van Bistelen, De Designpolitie, Lesley Moore). With selections by Erik Kessels, Stefan Sagmeister and Paula Scher.

Browse the book.
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March 2018

Proud to announce that we have been commissioned to design the brand identity for the new Design Museum Den Bosch. The museum will fill a big gap in the Dutch cultural landscape, currently lacking an institute with a design programme for a wide audience. At the moment, we are getting to know the staff and working on the basic concept. Launch of the brand identity is planned for June 1st.

February 2018

The third edition of the Opera Forward Festival (OFF) is just around the corner, kicking off on March 13th. The festival has already built a reputation of attracting a fresh audience to discover opera as an art form. As we have discovered ourselves, there are hardly any other art forms which combines as many art disciplines as opera does, allowing the spectator to choose its own perspective.

In true opera tradition, the campaign is a tiny 'Gesamtkunstwerk' with image (Petrovsky & Ramone) and design (Lesley Moore) melting together.

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January 2018

Just launched: the new website for Wilfried Lentz art gallery in Rotterdam. Our collaboration with Wilfried is one of our longest, dating back to 2008 when he started the the gallery. The original web design lasted incredibly long (we are talking pre-iPad age!), but it was now time for a serious upgrade. The new website is fully responsive and aims to reflect the high standard of the artists he represents.

The project was done in close collaboration with Joris Lindhout and Wilfried's son Skip. Keep it small when you can!

January 2018

The time after launching a new identity is a bit like raising a child. We're always anxious to see how it 'grows up'. So it makes us happy to see the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague embracing the identity we launched a year ago. The idea behind the identity is process-based, featuring a system of 2046 incomplete crowns. For the various campaigns we invite ex-students to come up with the artwork. By doing this the campaigns become showcases for young talent, and it ensures that the Academy presents itself in a fresh and authentic way.

This year's Open Day campaign was done with Liv Ylva (photography) and Fabian Fraikin (video). They chose 'play' as their theme to work with. Great working with them, and proud of the output. If you have the chance, get a tast of the Academy buzz at the Open Day on Saturday 27 February.

Watch the trailer

December 2017

The Prix de Rome is the oldest and most prestigious prize for young artists and architects in The Netherlands. Ever since its origin in 1807, it takes the temperature on contemporary visual arts and architecture. On 15 December 2017 Rana Hamadeh was awarded for her installation with the intriguing title The Ten Murders of Josephine. On show with the other nominees at Kunsthal until February 25 2018.

Since 2013 we have been working closely with the organizers Mondriaan Funds on the strategy and the visual identity of Prix de Rome. The next Prix edition on architecture will be on show in Het Nieuwe Instituut at the end of 2018.

Prix de Rome

November 2017

As part of the Gorilla Collective (Herman van Bostelen, De Designpolitie and Lesley Moore) we have been making comments on news items for more than a decade; from Islamic State to Donald Trump, from Brexit to Fake News. The 100 best Gorilla columns have now been collected in the poster-sized book Gorilla for President, with personal selections by Erik Kessels, Stefan Sagmeister and Paula Scher.

Gorilla for President is designed by Gorilla, edited by Bob Witman, published by Lecturis, paper is generously sponsored by Antalis, translations by Billy Nolan.

Purchase your copy of the book here

October 2017

In an ongoing strategy to involve younger generations, the National Opera & Ballet partnered with Lesley Moore to set up a new loyalty program for young adults (up to 35 years). ’My Muse & Me’ offers an inspirational program and reduced ticket prices. With 500+ members since the launch in October, the program has had a flying start.

Strategy and naming by Lesley Moore in collaboration with NO&B, brand identity by Lesley Moore

Watch the launch video here

October 2017

We developped the visual identity for choreographer Arno Schuitemaker. And we are happy to announce the website is on-line.

Please visit:

Or explore the full project:
Arno Schuitemaker

October 2017

Dutch National Opera & Ballet / Opera Forward Festival have been nominated for 'Best Client' at the Dutch Design Awards. Proud to be rewarded for a very special partnership. Awards show on October 28th, fingers crossed!

Explore the projects:

Dutch National Opera & Ballet
Opera Forward Festival

June 2017

We designed the identity for the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague as a playground for their students. Exciting to see it working out in practice. For the upcoming graduation show we worked with the talented alumna Leeza Pritychenko for the imagery.

Identity design by Lesley Moore, still and moving image by Leeza Pritychenko, printing by Drukkerij Thiele.

June 2017

Dutch National Ballet just closed the season with New Moves, showcasing the choreographers of tomorrow. The image is part of a campaign series made together with Petrovsky & Ramone. This summer we will team up again to create the 2018/19 campaign for both opera and ballet.

Still and moving image by Petrovsky & Ramone, art direction and design by Lesley Moore

May 2017

Hotel & Student Home
Hotel Casa is part student home, part hotel. Every summer the students pack their stuff and make room for hotel guests. In the autumn a new generation of students return to Casa. An ever-flowing fountain of youth which was our starting point for their new identity.

Strategy (with Studio Spomenik), visual identity, web design (with Your Majesty) and art direction by Lesley Moore.

Explore the project here

May 2017

Centraal Museum’s identity is one of our most precious projects to date. Edwin Jacobs was the visionary director behind it. Before he left Centraal Museum to lead Dortmund U, we designed a goodbye gift to honour him.

Printed by NPN Printers, binding by Patist.

Explore the Centraal Museum identity here

May 2017

Wat nu, Koetsier? is a project reflecting on Hans Koetsier’s puzzling and disruptive advertisements, published in Dutch newspapers between 1969-81. 45 graphic designers were invited to design their own ‘advertisement’. Our contribution is titled ‘Alternative Facts’.

Project initiated by Freja Kir, Celina Yavelow and René Put.
Do check out all the contributions here:

March 2017

OFF is on. The 2nd edition of Opera Forward Festival kicked off last saturday. Performances and lectures on various locations in Amsterdam, 18-31 March.

Brand identity and campaign design by Lesley Moore, image by Petrovsky & Ramone, strategy by Novel.

Explore the full project here

February 2017

A sneak preview of the new visual identity we are developing for the Royal Conservatoire and Art Academy in The Hague. Work in progress, in true art academy spirit.

In collaboration with Lennarts & de Bruijn and Danicha Lelieveld. Websites in development with Digital Natives.

Explore the full project here

January 2017

For 100th birthday of De Stijl, we designed a limited edition silk screen poster.

Silk screen printed in 4 colours, edition of 200, 420 x 594 mm. Printed by Krijger Zeefdruk, thanks to Lenoir Schuring for paper advice.

January 2017

Een speciale animatie ter ere van het vijftigjarige bestaan van dit geweldige orkest. Genomineerd in de competitie Beste Nederlandse Aninmatie en te zien tijdens Holland Animation Film Festival.

In samenwerking met Studio Pupil, regie door Johan Klungel, animatie door Bouwine Pool, illustratie door Leonie Bos.

Bekijk de animatie hier